OTT/CTV Advertising

Reach consumers streaming content on both the big screen in the living room and small screens with household-level precision, unmatched audience targeting, and advanced attribution for online or offline conversions.

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Unmatched Audience Targeting

Erudite’s OTT/CTV solution utilizes GPS data to serve ads to individual households based on first-party address lists, custom curated addressable audiences, or behavioral data. Then, track in-store visits and web-based conversions from targeted users.

Track Foot Traffic or Online Conversions
Attribute online and offline conversions to OTT/CTV campaigns via Erudite’s cross-device matching capabilities. With Erudite, you can optimize to and report on either a browser-based conversion event or a physical store visit.

  • Upload an address list, and Erudite matches each address to a unique area line validated by county tax records. The system then geo-fences the exact boundaries of the property.

  • Curate a custom audience based on 700+ location and demographic factors for targeting at the household level. Build an audience in real time with access to 126million U.S. households.

  • Bring the precision of digital targeting to OTT/CTV devices with the ability to target users based on websites visited, keywords, contexts, and other online behaviors.

Hundreds of Options...

More than 25 million U.S. households view advertising-supported streaming video on demand.

Reach them with access to the leading programmatic and direct inventory sources, featuring the most popular channels and shows on TV including live sports.

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Traditional VS. Connected

Connected TV (CTV) advertising is a way to meet viewers where they are and build brand awareness as they stream their favorite shows.

Traditional TV

Connected TV

Only reach people at limited times & locations.
Reach people wherever they are.   (Phones, Tablets, Laptops, & TVs)
Limited availability. No guarantee for specific demographics
More precise targeting at a lower cost.   (Ex. Women ages 35-45)
Viewers can skip through commercials by changing the channel
It's harder for viewers to opt-out or change the channel
Only receive performance reports a month into campaign
Ability to measure success with real-time reporting
Cost is based solely on number of viewers for specific program
More cost-effective to reach Premium Networks
Reach all viewers with different demographics and attributes
Reach viewers through pre-determined content categories

Our CTV Packages

Choose a package that fits your target audience the most or create one yourself and choose from hundreds of different streaming channels.

Networks Package

Reach a large and highly engaged audience watching Premium inventory

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News Package

Reach a large and highly engaged audience of News viewers

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SPorts Package

Reach a large and highly engaged audience of Sports viewers

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H&G PAckage

Reach a large and highly engaged audience of Home & Garden activity viewers

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