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Unlocking the Potential: How Geofencing Marketing Can Help Small Businesses Thrive

January 18, 2023

Geofencing marketing is a technique that uses location-based technology to target customers within a specific geographic area.

By using geofencing, small businesses can reach potential customers who are nearby and more likely to be interested in their products or services. This means that businesses can create a virtual boundary around a specific location, such as a store or event venue and send notifications or offer to people within that area.


One of the main benefits of geofencing marketing for small businesses is that it allows them to reach a highly targeted audience.
Another benefit of geofencing marketing is that it allows small businesses to create personalized and relevant messages for customers. By using data about a customer's location and behavior, businesses can send targeted promotions and offers that are more likely to be of interest to the customer.

Additional Uses:

Geofencing marketing can also be used for events and festivals. See Erudite's 'Event Retargeting' Service here.
Geofencing marketing also provides small businesses with valuable insights and data on customer behavior. By tracking customer interactions with their geofencing campaigns, businesses can gain a better understanding of customer preferences and habits, which can be used to inform future marketing strategies.
In summary, geofencing marketing is a powerful tool that can help small businesses to reach a highly targeted audience, create personalized and relevant messages, increase foot traffic and sales and gain valuable insights about customer behavior. With the help of geofencing, small businesses can gain a competitive edge and grow their customer base in a cost-effective way.